About Us

Bringing You Beach Vibes No Matter Where You Are!

Welcome to NMinnick Designs! I am Nicole and I invite you to dive into my ocean-inspired world, where my passion for marine biology converges with my love of arts and crafts and where art becomes an instrument of conservation and admiration for the majestic oceans that envelop our planet.  
We are a family of beach-loving dreamers, who aspire to live by the coast someday. Until that dream becomes a reality, we have mastered the art of bringing the beach vibes to you, no matter where you are.
Join us on this journey of oceanic discovery, where art, love for the environment, and a sprinkle of beach magic come together to create a world of joy and inspiration. Thank you for supporting our dream and helping us spread the love for the oceans!


man and woman sitting on beach sand with the ocean as a background in wedding attire

My love of the ocean began at a very early age with annual family vacations to the Outer Banks. I initially pursued a degree and career in Marine Biology despite developing a severe food allergy to both fish and shellfish (I know what are the odds right?!?!) and my personal motto quickly became "Fish are Friends, Not Food!"

As life unfolded, I found myself on a different career path while raising my family, but my love for the ocean and marine biology remains. Now immersed in the world of resin art, I have found a way to unite my adoration for marine life with my innate love for creating art. I started out in the ecommerce world creating and selling apparel in 2018 and have since expanded. I now specialize in home decor and gifts with coastal flair. All products are customized by me in my studio in North Carolina.


a north carolina shaped ocean resin art ornament resembling the waves of the sea laying in an eco friendly plastic free kraft colored box with kraft paper shred on a tan beach towel next to a natural starfish and palm leaves

Keep Our Seas Plastic Free!

We are an ocean-minded business, always striving to be eco-conscious in every step of our process, from creation to shipping. As part of our commitment, all our products are mindfully packaged in eco-friendly materials that are plastic-free and recyclable.