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Nautical Whale Ocean Resin Wall Art

Nautical Whale Ocean Resin Wall Art

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Wave goodbye to bland walls with our Nautical Whale Ocean Resin Wall Art! No more decorating woes – this charming piece sails in to solve them all. Dive into coastal vibes, infuse joy, and let your home tell a tale of whimsy and style. Sea the difference today!


  • 12 inch - 12 (at a diagonal from head to tail) x 3.5 x 0.25
  • Handcrafted from a base of 1/4 inch high quality cabinet grade MDF
  • The back of the whale is unfinished wood.
  • Color scheme is Aoi Hi Deep Navy Blue & Chartreuse. Real sand is also used for the beach portion on the bottom of the whale.

Due to the nature of working with resin and the handcrafting process, items may have minor imperfections (such as a speck of dust), but these do not interfere with the intended use of the items. Each item is unique and cannot be duplicated.


  • Every Nautical Whale Ocean Resin Art created is unique and one of a kind! no wave pattern will be exactly alike.
  • The resin used on this item is non-VOC, FDA Compliant, and UV-resistant.
  • Items are lightweight and easy to hang. No heavy duty hanging tools required!
  • Backs of the items are unfinished and blank for you to apply whatever hanger tool you would like to use. Command Strips are the easiest and most recommended tool for hanging these items. 
  • All products mindfully packaged using ecofriendly and plastic free materials that are recyclable.


Please note that all made to order resin items must be allowed a minimum cure time of 72 hours prior to being shipped. The current production time on the Nautical Whale Ocean Resin Wall Art is 5-7 business days. If I have items already made and cured then I will ship them sooner.


Please keep indoors. Keep away from extreme heat, excessive sun, and water.

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