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Rhode Island Beach Christmas Ornament

Rhode Island Beach Christmas Ornament

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This handcrafted Rhode Island Beach Christmas ornament, beautifully captures the essence of Rhode Island's picturesque shores. Each detail evokes the serene beauty of the beaches, making it a heartfelt gift that holds a piece of the Ocean State for your loved ones, no matter how far you may be.

Its unique design and meaningful representation of Rhode Island's beaches allow you to express your love and appreciation for your loved ones, despite the physical distance.

Whether for yourself or your dear ones in Rhode Island, this ornament is a beautiful reminder of the timeless charm of Rhode Island's beaches.


Each Rhode Island Beach Christmas ornament is made from 1/8 inch Basswood and covered in multiple layers of VOC-free epoxy resin and high quality mica pigment to create a beautiful and unique ocean wave pattern.

  • Ornament is finished with a strand of bakers twine and two wooden beads.
  • Back of the ornament is unfinished wood sealed with a polycrylic sealer. There is no resin on the backside.
  • Ornament size is approximately 4-4.5 inches. Varies slightly.
  • Color scheme is Dark Ocean Blue and Okinawa Blue.

Due to the nature of working with resin and the handcrafting process, beach ornaments may have minor imperfections (such as a speck of dust).  These do not interfere with the intended use of the items. Each item is unique and cannot be duplicated. Colors may appear slightly different in photos than they do in real life.


All made to order resin items take approximately three days to make and then must cure for a full 72 hours prior to shipping.  The current turnaround time for the Rhode Island Beach Christmas Ornament is 5-7 business days. If I have inventory already cured, I will ship them sooner.

All of our products are mindfully packaged using eco-friendly materials that are plastic-free and recyclable.

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Customer Reviews

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Received my ornament today and I love it!!...

Received my ornament today and I love it!!!!!

Beautifully made. Would order from this si...

Beautifully made. Would order from this site again.